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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two weekends in a row is a bit much but I really enjoyed doing the Monroe Antique Show last weekend and the Palmer Wirfs Antique Show in Puyallup this weekend. Sales on sewing collectible remain a bit sluggish but it's still the best game in town as far as I am concerned. Buttons are always great fun for me because I love sorting, carding, and crafting with them and of course I love selling them.
There will be no more shows for me this year as I am going to go down to sunny Texas for a while and visit my family in Weatherford.
November 14Th and 15Th is our bi-annual "Haggle Day Sale" at The Tacoma Antique Center at Fife here in Washington. It is great fun because on Saturday most of the dealers come and haggle over the prices with you. Every booth has some kind of sale and we have wonderful snacks and beverages. The mall never looked better and wonderful, wonderful treasures are waiting for your viewing and shopping pleasure. See you there!

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